DS18 V5HL 5 Channel High Lo Converter

5 Channel High Performance High to Low Conversion


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Having the perfect tools to make your sound system the ultimate music machine is what DS18 has for you. Our crossovers are designed to provide the perfect frequency distribution throughout your system to ensure the clarity and peak efficiency for your acoustic.
Model: V5HL
Working Voltage: +12V
Input: Sensitivity:  0.1-16V
MAX RCA Output: 4V
Frequency Response: 10Hz - 30KHz
Input Impedance: 20K Ohms
Standby Current: 200 mA
Dimensions: 109 L x 88 W
Features: 4 CH High Level Input / 5 CH RCA Output
Surface Mount Component Technology
Direct Insert Power / Speaker Terminal
Lowest Impedance and Best Power Filter
FR4 Double Sides PCB
Remote Trigger Output with Signal Sensing
Power / Clipping LED Indicators 

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