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The ARC AUDIO MOTO-CX6 6.5" Marine Motorcycle Speaker offers a superior audio experience for motorcycle enthusiasts. With its completely redesigned chassis, this speaker is slimmer and has a shallower mounting depth, making it ideal for various applications.

The MOTO-CX6 features a weather-resistant design that provides excellent protection against the elements, allowing you to enjoy your music in any weather condition. Its carbon-filled PP cone and sealed front speaker design greatly improve water resistance, ensuring durability during all-weather riding.

Equipped with a powerful 260 Watts peak power handling and 110 Watts RMS, the MOTO-CX6 delivers loud and clear sound with improved frequency response from 50Hz to 20kHz. The 6.5" size and coaxial speaker type provide a balanced and immersive audio experience.

Key Features:

  • Enhanced Weather Resistance: The MOTO-CX6's sealed front face and improved water resistance ensure reliable performance in various weather conditions.
  • High Power Handling: With 260 Watts peak power handling and 110 Watts RMS, this speaker delivers powerful and distortion-free sound.

The MOTO-CX6 features a Y35 magnet 1-piece T-yoke motor design, a 1.25" voice coil with a press glass fiber former, and a hi-temp tempered copper voice coil. These components contribute to improved cooling over long play periods and enhance the speaker's reliability.

Additionally, the MOTO-CX6 comes with a stamped steel tri-mount tweeter support bracket and a dampened PEI/Mylar dome-shaped composite tweeter. These features contribute to precise and high-frequency performance.

With a maximum outer diameter of 6.5 inches, a motor diameter of 3.52 inches, a mounting depth of 2.42 inches, and a cutout diameter of 5.57 inches, this speaker is designed for easy installation and compatibility with a wide range of motorcycles.

Elevate your motorcycle audio experience with the ARC AUDIO MOTO-CX6 6.5" Marine Motorcycle Speaker. Order now and enjoy free 2-day shipping!

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