Cerwin Vega SLMLOCT4 4 Channel High Lo Converter with Remote Trigger

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Cerwin Vega 4 Channel Line level Converter

The SLMLOC is designed to convert (4) channels of speaker-level audio into (4) channels of line-level audio. This allows for the installation of line-level products such as amplifiers, EQs, and crossovers on systems that do not have RCA line-level outputs. In addition, this device will also detect the presence of an audio signal and then generate a +12v  output that can be used to turn on an aftermarket amplifier.


• 80 watts maximum input
• Input circuit corrects crossover distortion commonly found on the other brands of LOCs
• 2:1 Step down with variable output
• Nickel finish RCAs
• Attractive and durable enclosures

NOTE: The LOC will shut off 10 seconds after no signal detected

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