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Cerwin Vega 8-channel Line Output Converter – Ioem8

Cerwin Vega 8-channel Line Output Converter – Ioem8


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IOEM8 – 8-Channel Line Output Converter


  • Channel summing takes processed high-level input and provides full-range low-level RCA out.
  • Channel summing indicator LED. Up to 8 volt RMS low-level RCA output.
  • Ultra-low 50 Ohm output impedance.
  • Signal triggered remote output.
  • Automatically turns on the system with the radio signal.
  • Top-quality panel mount RCA connectors.
  • A clip indicator light allows for a simple set-up.
  • Fully variable potentiometers for each set of channels.
  • Flexible internal adjustment to eliminate noise in any type of installation.
  • Durable all-metal construction.

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