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Introducing the Crossfire C5 1600.1 1-Channel Amplifier – the epitome of power and performance in car audio. Designed to deliver jaw-dropping bass and unparalleled clarity, this amplifier is a must-have for audio enthusiasts seeking a truly immersive listening experience.


  • Power Output: 1600 watts RMS
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz - 250Hz
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio: >90dB
  • Total Harmonic Distortion (THD): <0.1%
  • Class: D
  • Number of Channels: 1
  • Low-Level Input: Yes
  • Crossover: Variable low-pass
  • Subsonic Filter: Yes
  • Bass Boost: Yes
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 15.4" x 9.8" x 2.3"
  • Weight: 10.8 lbs

Prepare to be blown away by the Crossfire C5 1600.1 amplifier, packing a staggering 1600 watts RMS of pure power. This amplifier is specifically designed to drive subwoofers with authority, delivering deep, thunderous bass that will shake your entire vehicle. It effortlessly handles low-frequency reproduction, ensuring every beat and rumble is felt with bone-shaking impact.

Equipped with cutting-edge Class D circuitry, the C5 1600.1 amplifier combines high power efficiency with exceptional sound quality. This technology allows the amplifier to deliver immense power while maintaining low distortion levels, resulting in clean and accurate bass reproduction without compromising on clarity.

Featuring a 1-channel configuration, the C5 1600.1 is dedicated to delivering outstanding performance to your subwoofer(s). Its variable low-pass crossover and subsonic filter enable you to fine-tune the bass response, ensuring seamless integration with your audio system. Additionally, the bass boost feature lets you dial in that extra punch and tailor the sound to your preferences.

Built with durability in mind, the Crossfire C5 1600.1 amplifier boasts high-quality components and a robust construction. It is engineered to handle the demands of intense bass reproduction, providing reliable and consistent performance even under prolonged and demanding usage.

Installation is straightforward with the C5 1600.1 amplifier, thanks to its user-friendly design and comprehensive set of controls. The low-level inputs ensure compatibility with various audio sources, while the adjustable settings allow you to fine-tune the amplifier's performance to achieve optimal bass output.

Experience the true power of bass with the Crossfire C5 1600.1 1-Channel Amplifier. Elevate your car audio system to new levels of sonic excellence, and feel the music like never before. Get ready for a thrilling audio adventure that will leave you captivated by every low-frequency note and rumble.

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