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DS18 DX4 Deluxe Compact Full-Range Class D Advance Technology
4-Channel Amplifier 3000 Watts

The DX4 Full Range Digital Amplifier was designed to supply massive amounts of power in small areas.

Compact enough to be placed almost anywhere, this amplifier is perfect for fittings to motorcycle fairings and other spots most amplifiers would be unable to fit into. What this amplifier doesn’t have in size, it makes up for in the production and maintenance of it’s power; this amplifier’s components are attached to a printed circuit board (PCB) that allows it to maintain high efficiency even at low voltages and utilize surge protection features (such as speaker overload, short circuit, and low input voltage protection) which helps it provide unyielding power that maximizes your speakers to their production peak.

With high pass and low pass filter options, this amp is flexible enough to play mids, highs, and lows with unmatched accuracy for an ear opening audio experience.


  • Great power per size ratio packing in 3000w in a very small package
  • Power Rating of 150W x 4 at 4 ohms: 250W x 4 at 2 ohms: 480W x 2 at 4 ohms bridged
  • Can be used in 2, 3, and 4 channel configurations with the channel switch
  • Can be powered up by a signal from the RCA, Offset Voltage from Speaker Inputs, or a 12v remote
  • Small and powerful design so you can power your new equipment with great efficiency and power without taking up much space
  • Integrated low pass and high pass filter to help you get the perfect response you are looking for.

Great For

  • Motorcycle Audio
  • Pro Audio
  • Car Audio
  • Marine Audio
  • Powersports Audio
  • OEM Head Unit Installation

    Ds18 Dx4 Deluxe Compact Full-range Class D Advance

    Ds18 Dx4 Deluxe Compact Full-range Class D Advance

    Ds18 Dx4 Deluxe Compact Full-range Class D Advance

    Ds18 Dx4 Deluxe Compact Full-range Class D Advance

    Ds18 Dx4 Deluxe Compact Full-range Class D Advance

    Technical Details 

                 DX4 Product Manual Ds18 Dx4 Deluxe Compact Full-range Class D Advance

    Total Watts (Peak)  3000W
    RMS Power @ 4 ohm  150W x 4
    RMS Power @ 2 ohm  250W x 4
    RMS Power @ 4 ohm Bridge 480W x 2
    Frequency Response  10Hz - 20KHz
    Signal to Noise  >98 dB
    Efficiency @ 4 ohm  110%
    Damping Factor  >400
    Channel Separation  >68 dB
    Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)  0.02%
    Low Level Input Range  350mV - 5V
    High Level Input  Yes 
    Selectable X-Over  HPF/Full/BPF
    X-Over Filter Range  20Hz-4KHz (HPF) / 50Hz-5KHz (LPF)
    X-Over Slope (cut)  24 dB/Oct
    Amplifier Class  Digital
    Amplifier Type  Stereo Full Range 
    Number of Channels  4
    Minimum Impedance  2 OHMS
    Led Indicator  Power | Protection 
    Power Input Terminal Size  4 GA
    Recommended Fuse Size  100A
    Thermal Protection  Yes 
    Over-Load Protection  Yes 
    Short Circuit Output Protection  Yes 
    Voltage Input Protection  Yes (10-15v)
    Body Color | Finish  Black Sandblasted 
    Overall Length  8.2" / 210mm
    Overall Wide  4.3" / 109mm
    Overall Height  1.4" / 35mm
    Gross Single Unit Weight  3.5 Lb / 1.6Kg
    Auto Turn-on mode selectable  Yes (Signal/Offset/Rem)
    Input Channel Selectable  Yes (3Ch/2Ch/4Ch)
    State of the art 4-layer Micro Circuit board technology  Yes
    Very high efficiency Digital circuit design Yes

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