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DS18 JL/JLU Exclusive Wheel Well Subwoofer Enclosure Package

The explosive boom of DS18’s subwoofers complement the raw power of the JL/JLU Jeep perfectly! DS18’s JL/JLU Exclusive Wheel Well Subwoofer Enclosure Package is the most effective way to boost the bass in your Jeep’s sound system

This package includes: two enclosures (right and left) which make up the JL-SUB10/LR, sealed wheel well enclosures fitted for 10” subwoofers – two GENX10.4D’s, a 10-inch subwoofer with massive low-end frequency response – one CANDY-XXL1B, a 3000W Compact Class D Monoblock Car Amplifier – and the easy-to-use AMPKIT4

The JL-SUB10/LR enclosures are the perfect option for enhancing the bass in your JL/JLU Jeep’s sound system. These compact custom fitted prefab boxes are designed for JL/JLU Jeeps and securely holds 10-inch subwoofers into the concave rear openings of your cargo space. With an internal volume of 1 cubic foot, these enclosures are guaranteed to bring a boom that never fades. These enclosures cannot be used in 2-Door Jeep Applications.

To get the most out of your new enclosure, we’ve included two of our GEN-X10.4D’s: one of the loudest subwoofers in our GEN-X series with RMS power ratings of 400W and MAX power ratings of 800W. The massive bass frequency responses from these subwoofers will shatter any terrain your Jeep comes across. These are the perfect subwoofers for any bass head looking to turn it up a notch.

To sweeten the deal even more we’ve included the CANDY-XXL1B! CANDY amplifiers from DS18 are bite-sized powerhouses meant to fit anywhere and pump pure power to everything. These amps not only have the power to keep your speakers at maximum wattage efficiently, they are very compact, so application is simple and sweet! This amplifier comes in 1-channel (Monoblock) configuration which is perfect for this bass heavy package. The CANDY-XXL1B has power ratings of 1 x 1000W at 1 ohm, 1 x 650W at 2 ohms, and 1 x 400W at 4 ohms; perfect power ratings to turbocharge every piece of equipment included in this package.

Installation is made even easier with our AMPKIT 4: we put together everything you need in one convenient package so you can be just as efficient in setup as your new equipment is in action. 


1 x JL-SUB10/LR

  • Sturdy and compact custom fitted prefab box designed for JL/JLU Jeeps
  • Fits 10” Subwoofers
  • Injected High Density ABS
  • UV Protected And All Elements Ready
  • Lightweight and Strong Material
  • Mounting Bracket and Hard Ware Included
  • 1 Meter 6 Core Input Wire (Speaker Input And RGB)
  • Internal Vol Area: 0.5 cubic feet

2 x GEN-X10.4D

  • Loud booming bass that shatters the terrain beneath you
  • High Quality Ferrite Motor With Aluminum Coils For Very High Power To DB Efficiency and Loudness
  • Stylish DS18 Design That Gives Bass On Command


  • Unmatched power output to size ratio
  • Small and Powerful Design Allows for a Wide Range of Versatility
  • Extremely durable high grade components
  • RCA and Hi/Lo inputs for easy integration into your factory audio system

Great For

  • Jeep Audio

Ds18 Jl/jlu Exclusive Wheel Well Subwoofer Enclosure Package

Ds18 Jl/jlu Exclusive Wheel Well Subwoofer Enclosure Package

Ds18 Jl/jlu Exclusive Wheel Well Subwoofer Enclosure Package

Ds18 Jl/jlu Exclusive Wheel Well Subwoofer Enclosure Package

Ds18 Jl/jlu Exclusive Wheel Well Subwoofer Enclosure Package

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