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Upgrade your car audio system with the FOCAL SUB 5 KM - K2 POWER M LINE 5" SUBWOOFER. Experience the power of exceptional sound quality and performance. This subwoofer is designed to deliver immersive bass reproduction that enhances your driving and listening pleasure.

The FOCAL SUB 5 KM features an iconic aramid fibre K2 sandwich cone, ensuring outstanding frequency response and sound dispersion. Its 'M'-profile design enhances dynamics and reduces speaker driver depth for a compact yet powerful subwoofer.

With the K2 Power M line, you get the perfect combination of power and compactness. Focal's engineers have incorporated top-notch technologies to give you an unrivaled audio experience. The aramid fiber K2 cone guarantees exceptional dynamics and high performance.

  • The 'M'-profile K2 cone delivers a signature sound with reduced harmonic distortion.
  • The rigid, non-magnetic aluminium frame ensures enhanced durability for long-lasting performance.

The progressive profile spider offers increased sound linearity, precision, and dynamics. The ferrite magnet ensures stable power handling, while the engraved serial number guarantees authenticity.

Compact in size yet mighty in performance, this subwoofer boasts a maximum power of 400W and a nominal power of 200W RMS. With a sensitivity of 86dB and a frequency response of 35Hz-250kHz, you'll enjoy clear and detailed audio reproduction.

  • Compact size for easy installation in any car audio system.
  • Impressive power handling and sensitivity for immersive bass reproduction.

The 4Ω impedance and 2-3/8" voice-coil diameter further contribute to the overall excellence of the FOCAL SUB 5 KM. Designed for sealed enclosures with volumes of 4L or 6L, this subwoofer provides low-frequency extension down to 38Hz.

Elevate your car audio experience to new heights with the FOCAL SUB 5 KM - K2 POWER M LINE 5" SUBWOOFER. Enjoy the powerful, accurate bass that will take your music to the next level.

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