DS18 Jeep JK/JKU Complete Sound Bar Package with Marine Speakers

Soundbar Color: Red
Speaker Color: Black
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Jeep JK/JKU Complete Sound Bar Package

In pursuit of perfection in professional sound, we have found another way to bring high quality sound to Jeep JK/JKU owners: DS18 launches the Jeep JK/JKU Plug and Play Loaded Sound Bar Package, the perfect solution for JK/JKU Jeepers looking to add astounding audio to their vehicles without compromising on space or quality.

This Package is made from a highly durable mold injected plastic enclosure that fits right on JK/JKU Jeeps Headliners. The enclosure holds four of DS18’s high quality HYDRO 8" speakers, four of DS18’s PRO pitch perfect Bullet Tweeters, two of DS18’s PRO-DRNSC high sensitivity compression drivers, and an amplifier to power it up.

The DS18 HYDRO NXL Series is engineered for all elements. These speakers are 125 W RMS each and have integrated tweeter and mid-range woofer for providing an amazing range of frequencies and professional grade audio!

No other tweeters compare to the precision and power of the DS18’s PRO Series Bullet Tweeters. These mid-sized tweeters can handle heavy power and provide more precise sound reproduction than other tweeters on the market.

We have included two PRO-DRNSC’s, a neodymium compression (horn) driver, that can handle a combined RMS of 50 Watts. PRO-DRNSC neodymium compression driver offers state of the art performance that provides powerful sound with clarity and depth.

The muscle behind these speakers is a high powered 4 channel amplifier picked out to match your subs wattage perfectly so you get the most from your setup on the road or off of it.

Package not assembled, professional installation required


  • Complete Package with everything you need for a quick and solid installation. 
  • Easily Mountable with no modifications to your factory sound bar location.
  • High powered amplifier also included so you can power the entire 10 speakers system from just one amp.
  • The provided wiring kit will make installation easy and painless because it takes out the guesswork from wondering what and how many cables you need.

Package includes

Order this package and upgrade your JEEP audio system today!


  • Jeep JK/JKU Sound Bar
  • Houses 4 x 8" Speakers
  • Houses 4 x 4" Tweeters
  • Houses 2 x 1" Screw-On Drivers

4 x NXL-8

  • 8" 2-Way Speaker System with RGB Led Lights
  • IP65 Marine Grade Compliant Specs
  • NXL8 Max Power: 375w /NXL8BK Max Power: 375w
  • Color - NXL8: White / NXL8BK: Matte Black

4 x PRO-TW4L / PRO-TW420

  • 4" Bullet Tweeter
  • 500w Max / 250w RMS


  • 1" Titanium Compression Driver
  • 50w Max / 25w RMS

1 x 4 Channel Amplifier / 5 Channel Amplifier

  • Number of channels: 5
  • Number of channels: 4


  • Module that will allow you to control lights via Bluetooth
  • RGB lights will allow you to make any color


  • Amplifier Installation Wiring Kit


  • Plug and Play Harness for JK for Sound Bar

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