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Protect your sound system investment with the KICKER 60-AMP (MINI-ANL, AFS, AFC) FUSES (2-PACK). These platinum-plated fuses ensure maximum current transfer, providing reliable and efficient protection for your amps.

Featuring a pair of 60-amp fuses, this set is specifically designed to safeguard your amps from damaging power spikes. With these fuses in place, you can rest assured that your sound system will receive all the battery power it needs, while keeping your valuable gear safe and sound.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Maximum Current Transfer: The platinum plating of these fuses ensures optimal current flow, enabling your sound system to perform at its best.
  • Power Spike Protection: Prevents damaging power spikes from reaching your amps, safeguarding their functionality and extending their lifespan.

Invest in the KICKER 60-AMP (MINI-ANL, AFS, AFC) FUSES (2-PACK) for ultimate protection and performance. With these high-quality fuses, you can enjoy powerful and uninterrupted sound while enhancing the longevity of your valuable audio equipment.

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