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Marine Automatic Battery Charger 56A

Marine Automatic Battery Charger 56A



The Marine PWSMA56A battery chargers are high power supplies that allow you to charge the battery(s) for the nautical market.  They have two individual outputs, enabling you to separately charge two battery banks. This configuration is common in medium and large boats, where the battery bank is intended for the starter motor and another for the boat's accessories. The equipment can operate in two modes: 14.4V or Auto ICS.  

Auto ICS (Intelligent Charging System) functions increases battery charge efficiency by extending battery life. 

The Marine PWSMA56A battery chargers feature a digital display to monitor voltage or current or accumulated charge and full battery level indicator LED's.

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The nominal current of the equipment is available at any output or at both simultaneous outputs. The total sum of the currents of the two outputs is 56A.

Even if the two battery banks are charged differently, the charger will charge them simultaneously to full charge.


Input (Automatic Bi-Volt):

90 to 140Vac / 170 to 240Vac

Consumption with Maximum Load:


Maximum Output Current:

56 Amps

Maximum Output Voltage:

14.4 Vdc

Intelligent Charging System:

13.8 / 14.4 Vdc cyclic

Voltmeter Accuracy:


Accuracy of the Ammeter:





Excess Charge, Short on output and temperature

Dimensions L x W x D (mm):

240 x 225 x 67

Weight kg: 


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