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The MOSCONI GLADEN PICO 6I8 DSP is a top-of-the-line 6 channel amplifier with an integrated DSP, designed to deliver exceptional performance and versatility for your audio system.

With its powerful Class D technology, this amplifier ensures maximum efficiency and power output, providing up to 440 Watts of total power. Whether you're looking to upgrade your factory radio or create a custom sound system, the MOSCONI GLADEN PICO 6I8 DSP offers perfect OEM integration.

Featuring six analog inputs, flexible routing options, and a 3x input EQ and delay, this amplifier allows for seamless customization and precise control over your audio setup. You can easily optimize the sound quality and tailor it to your preferences.

Here are two key features that make the MOSCONI GLADEN PICO 6I8 DSP stand out:

  • The integrated 8 channel DSP: This powerful DSP allows for advanced signal processing and manipulation, ensuring pristine audio quality and clarity. With its wide range of customizable options, you can fine-tune your sound to perfection.
  • Transducerless high-speed PWM power amplifiers: These high-efficiency amplifiers deliver exceptional performance and accuracy. The PWM output stages, with a carrier frequency of over 2MHz, result in a noise-free operation and minimal distortion.

Install the MOSCONI GLADEN PICO 6I8 DSP behind panels or in any tight space, thanks to its compact size and low heat generation. It also offers various control options, including a remote connector, Bluetooth control port, and auto remote capabilities.

Experience the ultimate control and customization with the software features of the MOSCONI GLADEN PICO 6I8 DSP. It includes a 9 band parametric input EQ, input delay, input level control, flexible signal routing, group EQ, output filters, speaker EQ, speaker delay, and speaker phase switch.

Technical Specifications:

  • Output power @ 4Ω: 4x 50 Watt (channel 1-4), 3-Ohm stable (not bridgeable!)
  • Output power @ 4Ω: 2x 90 Watt (channel5-6), 2-Ohm stable / bridgeable
  • Input: 4x analog inputs balanced (High-Level) up to 30V, 2x analog inputs switchable high level / low level, 1x digital input SP-Dif optical (8kHz - 96kHz sampling rate), 1x Bluetooth port with SP-Dif - TTL (8kHz - 96kHz, e.g. for Mos_BTS Bluetooth streaming module), Bluetooth extended digital audio port (BT+) (flexible 8kHz - 384kHz synchronous digital input for audio sources with 2 - 16 channels, direct DSP access without jitter, e.g. for MOS BTS-LD4C BT streaming module or extended analog inputs)
  • DSP: 912 MHz, 32-bit audio port, 64-bit core, Double Precision 56Bit filter calculation, 6144 SIMD instructions per sample at 48 kHz, ASRCs from 1:8 up to 7.75:1 ratio and 139 dB DNR
  • Control: 1x Remote Connector (Analog, for RTC.2 Poti remote control), 1x Bluetooth control Port (Connection MOS-BT3.0 (App control), RC-Can (CAN-Bus control), MOS_USB2.0 (Programming dongle), 1x remote out, 1x remote in, auto remote for high level connection, Connections with MOLEX® plug contacts, Very small size with low heat generation, best suited for installation behind panels

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