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The MOSCONI PRO 4 | 10, 4-CHANNEL CLASS AB AMPLIFIER is a powerful amplifier designed to enhance your audio experience. With 4 channels and a power rating of 4 x 120W at 4-ohms, this amplifier delivers exceptional sound quality and clarity.

One key feature of this amplifier is its versatility. It is available in Black/Silver finishing, allowing you to choose the color that best suits your style. Whether you have a pure resistive load or a speaker load, this amplifier can handle it. It offers different options for different scenarios, such as 4 Ohm ST or 8 Ohm BTL for continuous sinewave signals, 2 Ohm ST or 4 Ohm BTL for musical signals, and 2 Ohm for CH5 with musical signals.

Another key feature is the Direct DSP, which bypasses all the preamplifier circuitry except for the differential input interface. This ensures a clean and unadulterated audio signal. Additionally, the amplifier is internally controlled via an Atmel Processor, allowing for precise and accurate adjustments.

The MOSCONI PRO 4 | 10 amplifier also offers high-level/low-level selectable input, RTC input, and a wide range of crossover functions. This ensures that you can customize your audio output to suit your preferences and optimize performance.

With a compact size of 235 x 205 x 55 mm and weighing only 2.4 kg, this amplifier is easy to install and integrate into your audio setup.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to experience the powerful and clear audio performance of the MOSCONI PRO 4 | 10, 4-CHANNEL CLASS AB AMPLIFIER. Order now and enjoy free 2-day shipping.

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