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This Stinger 680 Amp SPP Series Dry Cell Starting or Secondary Battery is a powerful and reliable option for your car audio sound system. With its sealed absorbed glass mat (AGM) design, this battery delivers exceptional performance and durability.

Designed for systems with power demands of 1360+ watts, the SPP680 can be used as a replacement or additional battery to provide the extra power needed. Its leak-proof design and removable brass battery posts ensure a hassle-free installation, fitting in most factory battery locations without any hazardous leaks.

The Stinger SPP680 Power Cell produces 680 cranking amps and is capable of over 400 full discharge cycles, guaranteeing long-lasting and consistent power. It eliminates the need for a capacitor, storing energy to ensure a smooth and efficient performance for your audio system.

Key Features:

  • Includes removable brass battery posts for easy installation
  • Internal resistance of 5.5 mOhms for quick power delivery

With a 12-volt Dry Cell Valve Regulated Lead Acid Battery (AGM) technology, this battery offers exceptional reliability and performance. It has a 20-hour rate of 1.00A/20Ah, a 5-hour rate of 3.4A/17Ah, and a 1/2 hour rate of 25A/12.5Ah. The battery boasts a 5 Second Cranking Amps rating of 680A and a CCA rating of 230A.

Dimensions: 6.57"H x 3.03"W x 7.13"L (167mm H x 77mm W x 181mm L)

Weight: 15.43 lbs / 7kg

With the Stinger 680 Amp SPP Series Dry Cell Starting or Secondary Battery, you can enjoy the power and performance your car audio system deserves. Upgrade today and experience the difference.

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