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The SUNDOWN AUDIO SA 2.75" WIDE BAND SPEAKER is the ultimate solution for upgrading your vehicle's audio system. Designed as a direct factory replacement for 2.75" speakers commonly found in the dash location of Chrysler and many other new vehicles, this speaker offers superior sound quality and performance.

With a frequency range of 160Hz to 20KHz, this wide band speaker ensures that you don't miss out on any details in your favorite music or audio. The SPL of 84dB ensures a loud and clear sound experience, making every drive a memorable one.

One of the key features of the SUNDOWN AUDIO SA 2.75" WIDE BAND SPEAKER is its RMS power rating of 30 Watts per side. This means that you can enjoy powerful and consistent sound reproduction without worrying about distortion or damage to your speaker.

Another notable feature is the inverted rubber surround design, which greatly enhances off-axis response. This ensures that the sound remains well-balanced and accurate, even if you're not sitting directly in front of the speaker.

The custom tooled 2.75" frame of this speaker is designed with a vented spider plateau, which helps dissipate heat and keep the voice coil cool. This allows for longer listening sessions without compromising the speaker's performance.

Upgrade your vehicle's audio system with the SUNDOWN AUDIO SA 2.75" WIDE BAND SPEAKER and enjoy exceptional sound quality, powerful performance, and enhanced durability. Take your driving experience to the next level and never settle for average sound again.

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