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Introducing the AUDIO DYNAMICS 3000 SERIES 6″X 9″ – 4 OHM PAIR – PCX6930S4. This impressive pair of speakers is designed to deliver exceptional sound quality and enhance your audio experience.

Featuring a 4-ohm impedance, these speakers are compatible with a wide range of audio systems, making them the perfect choice for car audio enthusiasts. With a frequency response that spans from low to high frequencies, you can enjoy deep bass and crisp highs, ensuring a well-rounded listening experience.

One key feature of the AUDIO DYNAMICS 3000 SERIES is its powerful motor. Built with a 3 9/16" (90mm) outer diameter, it delivers impressive performance and ensures optimal sound reproduction. The tweeter protrusion of 15/16" (23mm) adds depth to the sound, providing clear and detailed audio.

Another notable benefit of these speakers is their easy installation. With a mounting depth of 3 3/4" (95mm), they can be effortlessly integrated into your vehicle's audio system. Whether you're a DIY enthusiast or seeking professional installation, these speakers offer versatility and convenience.

Upgrade your audio system with the AUDIO DYNAMICS 3000 SERIES 6″X 9″ – 4 OHM PAIR – PCX6930S4. With their impressive performance, easy installation, and wide compatibility, they are the perfect choice for those seeking exceptional sound quality and immersive listening experiences.

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