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The 5000 series 12 employs a finely-tuned balance of damping and extensive motor force to achieve very high efficiency, offering exceptional versatility and unmatched performance in a variety of real-world functions.

Fs 37.25 Hz
Qms 8.47
Vas 11.39 liters
Cms 0.04 mm/N
Mms 455.4 g
Rms  kg/s
Dia 238.800 mm
Sd 447.80 sq cm

Qes 1.364
Re 9.913 ohms
Le  6.157 mH
Z       ohms
BL 27.84 Tm
BL^2/Re  N^2/W

Qts 1.175
no    %
SPL 83.49 dB

XMax 23.5mm

Nominal Diameter 12in
Overall Diameter 12.99in / 330mm
Mounting Hole Diameter 11.33in / 288mm
Bolt Hole Circle Diameter
Motor Outer Diameter 7.87in / 200mm
Mounting Depth 8.9in / 228mm
Required Pole Vent Clearance
Driver Displacement 0.157 cu ft / 4.446 l

Minimum Sealed Volume N/A
Minimum Vented Volume   cu ft / l net*

* Tune for desired response


Vehicle body style specific enclosure designs coming soon

The above designs have been engineered for a particular vehicle body style. The cabin acoustics of a sedan, hatchback and an SUV were part of the formula to ensures a linear response and optimal power handling for listening purposes under most circumstances. Please visit our Enclosure Design Service page for one off custom designs.

Ad5012 D4

Ad5012 D4

Ad5012 D4

Ad5012 D4

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