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The ARC Audio Moto-720 is a powerful 4-channel amplifier designed specifically for Harley motorcycles. With its impressive 720 watts of power, this amplifier delivers unparalleled audio performance for your riding experience.

Featuring a Load Select switch for optimized power production, the MOTO 720 ensures that your front speakers receive full power at four ohms, while also providing the necessary power for a bridged four-ohm subwoofer. This level of flexibility is perfect for side-by-side and automotive applications, making it a versatile amplifier for various installations.

Signal connections are made easy with quick-connect plugs, ensuring reliable and durable connections. The MOTO 720 is also compatible with ARC Audio's MPAK kits and PSM digital signal processors, allowing for seamless integration into your audio system.

The MOTO 720 offers adjustable sensitivity control and input level range switches, allowing the amp to make full power with signals ranging from 200mV to 4V in low-level mode, or 600mV to 14.0V in high-level mode. This ensures optimal performance regardless of your audio source.

Key Features:

  • 720 watts of power for an immersive audio experience
  • Load Select switch for optimized power production

The MOTO 720 also features defeatable high-pass and low-pass crossovers that are adjustable from 50Hz to 500Hz, allowing for full-range operation or use with a subwoofer and accompanying speakers. The high-pass crossover can be used to enhance the performance of high-efficiency coaxial speakers.

For added convenience, the MOTO 720 can be configured to work with a single pair of inputs and features a 2-channel bridged mode that delivers 360 watts into a pair of four-ohm speakers.

Key Benefits:

  • Versatile and adaptable for various installations
  • Easy signal connections with quick-connect plugs

The MOTO 720 is designed for durability and performance. Its machined aluminum top panel allows for easy fine-tuning, and its microprocessor monitors the operation and health of the amplifier, providing fault identification in case of issues. The amp is also equipped with a conformal coating to protect against high-humidity installations and water exposure.

Upgrade your audio system with the ARC Audio Moto-720 amplifier and enjoy unmatched power and clarity during your rides.

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