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The PSM PRO MAESTRO KIT is the ultimate audio solution for owners of 2014+ Harley baggers. Say goodbye to the hassle and expense of replacing your factory GT or GTS radio, because with this kit, you can now achieve an absolutely flat audio signal output just like that of an aftermarket radio.

With the PSM PRO MAESTRO KIT, you can keep all the features you love in your factory radio while enjoying the benefits of a superior audio experience. Here's how it works - the kit includes an ARC Audio PSM-Pro compact DSP, an Idatalink Maestro AR module, and an Idatalink aHD² wire harness. This plug-and-play kit easily integrates into your bike, and with a quick and simple flash process, you'll have your radio outputting a flat, uncompromised audio signal to the PSM-Pro.

With this kit, you can dedicate your tuning time to perfecting your new audio system, instead of wasting efforts on correcting the factory radio's output. The PSM PRO MAESTRO KIT, in combination with the iDatalink module, guarantees a better signal output than any other third-party radio flash on the market. Plus, with the module remaining in your bike, you don't have to worry about losing your audio flash.

  • Enjoy an improved audio signal output without replacing your factory radio
  • Save time and effort by focusing on optimizing your new audio system

Upgrade your audio experience with the PSM PRO MAESTRO KIT. Order now and transform your ride with superior sound quality and hassle-free installation.

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