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Introducing the powerful and versatile ARC AUDIO X2 1200.6 Six Channel Amplifier. Designed and engineered by Robert Zeff, this amplifier delivers exceptional sound quality and performance for your car audio system.

With its microprocessor Class-D design, the ARC AUDIO X2 1200.6 ensures efficient power output and precise audio reproduction. The high-frequency power supply design enhances signal transparency, resulting in crystal-clear audio across all frequencies.

One of the key features of this amplifier is the remote bass boost control, which allows you to adjust the bass output to your preference with ease. Additionally, the extruded aluminum CNC chassis design provides durability and an aesthetic appeal.

Featuring a variety of input and output options, the ARC AUDIO X2 1200.6 offers flexibility in installation. The RCA inputs are compatible with speaker-level inputs, making it compatible with a wide range of audio systems. The quick disconnect speaker terminal plugs ensure a secure and convenient connection.

With a total power output of up to 600 watts, this amplifier provides ample power for your entire audio system. Whether you're looking for crisp highs, detailed mids, or powerful bass, the ARC AUDIO X2 1200.6 delivers remarkable audio performance across all frequencies.

  • Microprocessor Class-D design for efficient power output
  • High-frequency power supply design for transparent audio

Get the most out of your car audio system with the ARC AUDIO X2 1200.6 Six Channel Amplifier. Upgrade your listening experience today and enjoy a new level of audio quality and performance.

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