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The ARC Audio X2 600.4 4 Channel Amplifier is a high-performance audio accessory designed to enhance your car's sound system. This amplifier is part of the X2 line, engineered by the renowned Robert Zeff, ensuring top-notch quality and performance.

  • Microprocessor-Controlled Class-D Design: This cutting-edge technology provides efficient power delivery, resulting in improved signal transparency and exceptional sound quality.
  • Flexible Mounting Orientation: The X2 600.4 amplifier allows for both vertical and horizontal installations, providing installation flexibility to suit your specific setup needs.

Featuring a sleek and durable extruded aluminum CNC chassis design, the X2 600.4 amplifier not only offers superior performance but also adds a touch of elegance to your car's interior. With its start-stop vehicle compatibility and signal sense and DC detect features, this amplifier is perfect for modern vehicles.

The ARC Audio X2 600.4 amplifier boasts a host of impressive features, including nickel-plated RCA terminals and quick disconnect speaker terminal plugs for easy and secure connections. Its audiophile Class-D output filter networks ensure accurate sound reproduction, while the detailed microprocessor-controlled protection ensures robust and reliable performance.

With a high signal-to-noise ratio, this amplifier delivers clean and powerful sound without compromising power output. The fully balanced input stage significantly increases flexibility, allowing you to connect a variety of audio sources. Additionally, the X2 600.4 amplifier features ultra-low ESR high-capacity power supply storage capacitors for optimal performance.

Experience precision filtering with this amplifier, as it isolates the power supply to reduce unwanted interference in radio reception. The included remote bass boost control puts the power of adjusting bass levels at your fingertips, allowing you to fine-tune your audio experience.

Specifications -

  • 4 Channels @ 4 Ohms: 150 Watts
  • 4 Channels @ 2 Ohms: 150 Watts
  • 2-Channel @ 4 Ohms (Bridged): 300 Watts
  • 2-Channel @ 2-Ohms (Bridge): Not Recommended
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20kHz
  • Crossover Range: 50Hz - 550Hz
  • Crossover Types: HP/LP on all channels
  • Bandpass Crossovers: Yes Ch 3/4 Only
  • Remote Level Control Included: Yes - LP Front Channel only
  • Input Sensitivity (Low): 200mV - 3.5V
  • Fuse: 2 x 30 Amp
  • Dimensions: 9.020"(L) x 6.268"(W) x 2.162"(H)

Elevate your car audio experience with the ARC Audio X2 600.4 4 Channel Amplifier. Its advanced features, superior performance, and sleek design make it the perfect choice for audiophiles who crave exceptional sound quality on the road.

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