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Introducing the FOCAL 6.5 KM - K2 POWER M LINE 6.5" WOOFERS PAIR. Designed for true audiophiles, these woofers combine power, precision, and remarkable sound quality to enhance your audio experience.

At the core of these phenomenal woofers lies the iconic K2 cone, made of aramid fiber for outstanding dynamics and high performance. This unique cone shape effectively reduces harmonic distortion and delivers an unmatched, signature K2 sound.

Experience minimal distortion and astounding cone control with the patented TMD® Profile Surround technology. This ground-breaking innovation guarantees precise and accurate audio reproduction, elevating your listening pleasure to new heights.

The engraved serial number on each woofer ensures authenticity, guaranteeing that you are receiving a genuine FOCAL product. The robust and non-magnetic aluminum frame adds durability and rigidity, ensuring these woofers can handle the demanding requirements of high-powered audio systems.

Key Features:

  • Patented TMD® Profile Surround technology for low distortion and precise cone control
  • 'M'-profile aramid fibre K2 cone for reduced harmonic distortion

With exceptional power handling capabilities, the FOCAL 6.5 KM - K2 POWER M LINE 6.5" WOOFERS PAIR can handle a maximum power of 240W and a nominal power of 120W RMS. The progressive profile spider enhances sound linearity, precision, and dynamics, immersing you in an audio experience like no other.

Upgrade your audio system and unveil its true potential with the FOCAL 6.5 KM - K2 POWER M LINE 6.5" WOOFERS PAIR. Perfect for building bespoke installations or upgrading existing setups, these compact speaker drivers deliver outstanding power, performance, and precision.


  • Maximum Power Handling: 240W
  • Nominal Power Handling: 120W RMS

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