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Upgrade your audio system with the Focal PS 165 F3 Performance Expert 6.5" 3 Way Component Speaker (Pair) and indulge in a world of superior sound quality and immersive music experiences.

Designed and crafted in France by Focal, these speakers boast an original Flax cone construction that sets them apart from the rest. The cones are expertly made using high-quality flax fiber, encased by two thin layers of glass fiber. This unique combination ensures exceptional acoustic performance, delivering a natural sound with minimal distortion and a rich reproduction of midrange frequencies.

With their lightweight flax fiber composition, these speakers offer high internal damping, velocity, and flexural rigidity. The hollow structure of the flax fiber makes it twice as light as fiberglass, enhancing the overall audio quality. The low elasticity of the flax fiber further contributes to the sandwich structure's flexural rigidity, resulting in precise and accurate sound reproduction.

Featuring a maximum power of 100W, these speakers pack a punch, allowing you to enjoy your music to the fullest. Their enhanced sensitivity rating of 83.6dB efficiently converts power into clear and detailed audio, ensuring every note is heard with clarity.

Not only do these speakers excel in performance, but they also offer durability and reliability. Constructed with a durable butyl surround, they withstand the test of time. The 25mm VC diameter, 8mm VC height, and Former Kapton with two-layer wire construction contribute to their exceptional performance and longevity.

Immerse yourself in accurate and vibrant audio with the Focal PS 165 F3 Performance Expert 6.5" 3 Way Component Speaker (Pair). With a magnet weight of 110g and a flux density of 1.2t, these speakers provide excellent magnetic strength for superior sound reproduction. The crossover cut-off range of 300 Hz - 3500 Hz ensures a seamless transition between frequencies, resulting in a well-balanced and immersive listening experience.


  • Maximum power: 100W
  • Sensitivity rating: 83.6dB

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