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Introducing the GLADEN AUDIO RC-3200 1 Channel Amplifier, a powerful audio solution designed to deliver exceptional performance and crystal-clear sound. With a whopping 3200 watts RMS, this mono class D amplifier is built to take your car audio experience to new heights.

Featuring a range of impressive features, the RC 3200c1 is the perfect choice for audiophiles and car enthusiasts alike. Its low pass filter ensures optimal frequency response, ranging from 40 to 220 Hz, while the subsonic filter eliminates unwanted low-frequency vibrations between 20 and 50 Hz.

Experience deep and punchy bass like never before, thanks to the built-in bass boost function. With a range of 0-12dB and adjustable Q, you have full control over the low-end frequencies, allowing you to customize your audio experience to suit your preferences.

The GLADEN AUDIO RC-3200 also boasts a clipping limiter, which prevents distortion even at high volume levels. Plus, with the included remote control, you can conveniently adjust the settings without leaving your seat.

Take your car audio system to the next level with the master-slave function, allowing you to connect multiple amplifiers for an even more immersive sound experience.


  • Power in RMS @ 4 Ohm mono: 1 x 700 Watt
  • Power in RMS @ 2 Ohm mono: 1 x 1300 Watt
  • Power in RMS @ 1 Ohm mono: 1 x 2150 Watt
  • Power in RMS @ 0.5 Ohm mono: 1 x 3180 Watt
  • Size: 585 x 150 x 50 mm

Elevate your listening experience with the GLADEN AUDIO RC-3200 1 Channel Amplifier. Whether you're a casual listener or a true audiophile, this amplifier delivers stunning sound quality and powerful performance. Upgrade your car audio system today and enjoy every beat with absolute clarity and precision.

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