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Introducing the Audio Dynamics 3010 10 Inch 1000 Watts RMS Subwoofer, the ultimate powerhouse for your audio system. Designed with precision and engineered for unparalleled performance, this subwoofer will transform your listening experience.

With an optimal power range of 600W - 1000W, this subwoofer delivers deep, thunderous bass that will shake the room. Its 2.5 inch high temp voice coil ensures maximum durability and long-lasting performance, while the double stack 169oz motor provides unrivaled power and efficiency.

Key features and benefits:

  • Exceptional Versatility: The Audio Dynamics 3010 is designed for vented enclosures, allowing you to customize your audio setup to achieve the perfect sound. Whether you're a music enthusiast or a home theater lover, this subwoofer is a game-changer.
  • Unmatched Performance: With a double blend material spider and double high current tinsel leads, this subwoofer delivers precise and accurate bass reproduction. Its finely-tuned balance of damping and extensive motor force ensures optimal efficiency, giving you the best performance possible.

Made in the USA, this subwoofer is built to last. Its rugged construction and top-quality components guarantee reliability and longevity. Experience the difference of a subwoofer that is designed to exceed your expectations.

Technical Specifications:

  • Fs 35.87 Hz
  • Qms 3.943
  • Vas 10.32 liters
  • Cms 0.0654 mm/N
  • Mms 300.9 g
  • Rms 17.23 kg/s
  • Dia 206.000 mm
  • Sd 333.3 sq cm
  • Qes 0.559
  • Re 6.80 ohms
  • Le 4.23 mH
  • Z ohms
  • BL 28.73 Tm
  • BL^2/Re N^2/W
  • Qts 0.489
  • SPL 82.2 dB
  • XMax 16.5mm
  • Nominal Diameter 10in
  • Overall Diameter 11.02in / 280mm
  • Mounting Hole Diameter 9 3/16in / 233mm
  • Motor Outer Diameter 7.08in / 180mm
  • Mounting Depth 6.4in / 163mm
  • Driver Displacement 0.087 cu ft / 2.465 l

Elevate your audio system with the Audio Dynamics 3010 10 Inch 1000 Watts RMS Subwoofer. Hear and feel the power of true bass. Upgrade your sound today!

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