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The MMATS LSX 4000.1D 1 OHM STABLE 1 CHANNEL FULL RANGE AMPLIFIER is a high-performance amplifier that delivers impressive power and sound quality. With its 1-ohm stability, this amplifier is designed to efficiently power your car audio system.

Featuring a power rating of 1 x 4350 WRMS at 1Ω, the LSX 4000.1D provides clean, distortion-free audio even at high volumes. It operates within a voltage range of 8V – 16V, with a rated power of 13.8V. This ensures consistent performance and allows for a wide variety of power sources.

The LSX 4000.1D amplifier is also known for its impressive efficiency. It boasts an efficiency rating of 82% at 1-ohm resistive, making it ideal for demanding car audio setups. Its damping factor of greater than 1000 ensures tight and controlled bass reproduction, enhancing your overall listening experience.

One of the standout features of this amplifier is its Ultra Efficient Heatsink. This heatsink ensures that the LSX 4000.1D stays cool and operating at optimal temperatures, even during prolonged use. It is also equipped with dual cooling fans that further enhance heat dissipation.

In addition to its powerful performance, the LSX 4000.1D offers convenient features such as a remote bass knob for quick and easy adjustments, and proprietary tooling for a sleek and professional installation. The amplifier also features 1-gauge battery terminals and 8-gauge speaker terminals, ensuring efficient power transfer and reducing the risk of signal loss.

With its increased power ratings and a sturdy build, the MMATS LSX 4000.1D 1 OHM STABLE 1 CHANNEL FULL RANGE AMPLIFIER is a top choice for audio enthusiasts who demand the very best performance from their car audio system. Experience the power and clarity that this amplifier brings to your music, and take your car audio setup to the next level.

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