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The MOSCONI GLADEN ATOMO 1 FULL RANGE 1 CHANNEL AMPLIFIER is a compact powerhouse designed to deliver exceptional performance in even the tightest spaces. Combining advanced technology with a sleek design, this amplifier is the perfect addition to any audio system.

With a wide input voltage range of 0.4 Vrms - 5 Vrms (low level) or 1.6 Vrms - 20 Vrms (high level), the ATOMO 1 offers unparalleled flexibility and compatibility with various audio sources. Whether you prefer low-level inputs or high-level inputs, this amplifier has got you covered.

Configuring inputs is a breeze thanks to the ATOMO 1's flexible design. You can easily adjust the settings to suit your specific needs, choosing between floating or fixed ground options. Additionally, the switchable load resistors allow you to fine-tune your audio experience with ease.

Experience ultimate convenience and flexibility with the remote detection (BTL) feature of this amplifier. You can easily detect and control the amplifier remotely, making it a breeze to make adjustments on the go.

Get crystal-clear, distortion-free audio with the high pass and low pass filters of the MOSCONI GLADEN ATOMO 1. These filters ensure that your audio signals are accurate and free from any unwanted noise or distortion. The inputs are designed in Molex industry-standard (Micro-Fit), ensuring compatibility with a wide range of audio systems.

Choose between the 12 V and 24 V versions of the ATOMO 1, depending on your power supply configuration. This amplifier is built to handle it all, providing you with a seamless audio experience.

Key Features:

  • Compact design without compromising power
  • Wide input voltage range for flexibility and compatibility

Technical Specifications:

  • Power supply voltage: 10 - 16 V
  • DC-DC converter typology: Unregulated - Push Pull
  • External fuse: No

Elevate your audio experience with the MOSCONI GLADEN ATOMO 1 FULL RANGE 1 CHANNEL AMPLIFIER. Its compact size, powerful performance, and versatile features make it the ideal choice for anyone seeking high-quality sound.

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