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Our water treatment is an industrial chemical that we purchase commercially by the gallon. It is a toluene, base which is a strong solvent, and it is applied to the paper cone of the speaker. It saturates the entire cone and pushes the chemical through to the other side. We let the speaker out-gas for 24 hours and then repackage it. You can place the speaker under running water, and not a drop will stick, it is quite amazing! Also, it adds a negligible amount of weight to the cone body therefore not changing the sound of the speaker at all.

PA10100 Midbass/Mid-woofer

  • 10” High Performance Midbass

  • Frequency Response: 35Hz to 2500Hz

  • 600 Watts RMS power handling

  • 3.0” black Anodized Aluminum (BAA) former/copper wire voice coils

  • 1.25” Winding width

  • 4 and 8-ohm available

  • 8-gauge, spring-loaded connector

  • 10mm top and backplates

  • 6” Flat-spider suspension

  • Water-resistant paper cone

  • Woven tensile leads.

  • 90 Ounce magnet @ 7”W x 1”T

  • Bumped backplate for high excursion.

  • 22mm Xmax, 100% in the gap

  • 4.75” Mounting depth

  • 9.125” Cutout


As a Mid-bass:

  • .5 Cubic feet sealed with 1” of poly-fill on each inside wall except the baffle. 65Hz resonant frequency.
  • .5 Cubic feet ported with a 2” round port x 6” long. 47Hz tuning frequency.

As a Mid-woofer:

  • 25 Cubic feet ported with a 4” round port x 13” long. 40.6Hz upper tune.
  • 50 Cubic feet ported with a 4” round port x 13” long. 37 Hz lower tune.

If these parameters are not sufficient, please do not hesitate to give us a call (561-799-3688) and we will be glad to help you build a custom tuned enclosure. We use LEAP exclusively for that “perfect” result!

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