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The AUDIO DYNAMICS 3000 SERIES 12’ AD3012 D2 is a powerful and versatile audio component designed for exceptional performance in a variety of real-world functions. With a finely-tuned balance of damping and extensive motor force, this speaker achieves high efficiency and delivers unmatched sound quality.

This speaker features a range of impressive specifications to enhance your audio experience. Its Fs of 29.2 Hz ensures accurate low-frequency reproduction, while the Qms of 6.544 and Vas of 23.6 liters contribute to tight and controlled bass response. The Cms of 0.082 mm/N and Mms of 361.4 g provide precise control over cone movement for accurate sound reproduction.

Key Features:

  • Exceptional versatility and unmatched performance
  • Finely-tuned balance of damping and motor force for high efficiency

With a diameter of 12 inches and a maximum excursion (XMax) of 16.5mm, the AUDIO DYNAMICS 3000 SERIES AD3012 D2 is capable of producing impactful and immersive audio. Its overall diameter of 12.80 inches and mounting hole diameter of 11.12 inches ensure easy installation in a variety of enclosures.

For custom enclosure designs tailored to your specific needs, you can visit our Enclosure Design Service page. Our designs are engineered to deliver a linear response and optimal power handling for various vehicle body styles, including sedans, hatchbacks, and SUVs.

Embedded within this description, you will find images that visually showcase the AUDIO DYNAMICS 3000 SERIES 12’ AD3012 D2. Each image represents the speaker's design and features, ensuring a seamless visual experience that complements the written information.

Experience unrivaled audio performance with the AUDIO DYNAMICS 3000 SERIES 12’ AD3012 D2. Upgrade your car audio system today and enjoy powerful and immersive sound on all your journeys.

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