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Experience the pinnacle of audio performance with the ROGUE POWER SPORTS RPS65. This exceptional 6.5" waterproof cone coaxial speaker is designed to thrive in any environment, from roaring motorcycles to serene boats, rugged UTVs to trusty trucks. Elevate your audio game and upgrade your vehicle's sound system with this speaker that delivers crystal-clear sound, even at higher volumes.

The RPS65 boasts a powerful 150w RMS power capacity, thanks to its impressive 4ohm impedance and 2" voice coil midrange. This means distortion-free audio that immerses you in a world of crystal-clear sound. With a mighty 95db SPL, this speaker fills your adventure or road trip with robust and immersive tunes that capture every beat and melody.

The dynamic listening experience doesn't end there. This speaker features an 8ohm 1.5" Phenolic diaphragm horn driver. Delivering exceptional clarity and detail to the high-frequency range, the driver ensures every note and nuance is accurately reproduced. Brace yourself for a thrilling audio journey with a resounding 103db SPL that leaves no detail behind.

  • Ultimate Durability: Built to withstand the harshest elements, the RPS65 is waterproof, dust-resistant, and impervious to harmful UV rays.
  • Wide Frequency Range: Enjoy an expansive sonic landscape with the RPS65's recommended frequency range of 100hz - 20k hz, faithfully reproducing a wide array of musical genres and audio content.

Embrace the road without compromising on sound quality. Upgrade your vehicle's audio system with the ROGUE POWER SPORTS RPS65. Its unparalleled durability and exceptional audio performance ensure you enjoy every note, every beat, and every moment on your journey.

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